Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to tint my vehicle's windows?
A. It takes about 2 hours to tint an average vehicle.

Q. How do I clean the windows after they have been tinted?
A. Use a mild, non-ammonia window cleaner and a soft cloth.

Q. Do you use chemicals in the tinting process?
A. We use a mild soap solution during installation, no harmful chemicals.

Q. How durable is the window tint?
A. The tint has a scratch-resistant layer so it is fairly durable. It can be scratched or torn by sharp objects but under normal wear it should last as long as you own the vehicle.

Q. It looks like the tint didn't stick around the black dots on the rear window. Should I be concerned?
A. There is no need to be concerned, this is normal. These dots are painted on the window by the manufacturer for cosmetic reasons. Since they are applied to the surface of the glass, they prevent the tint from touching the glass between the dots. Be assured that the tint is well adhered to the window and the dots and will not be a problem.